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Our customers are as diverse as our training opportunities

Our extensive, flexible training complex provides the perfect setting to train the emergency services, for example. There are almost no limits to the training opportunities we can offer, whether for firefighters, police, paramedics or P&S (Protection and Support) personnel, for civil agencies, associations or companies. It comes as no surprise, then, that we also have customers entirely unrelated to the emergency services - public companies, other firms and private individuals who all come to use the ifa infrastructure. 

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Fire Brigade Inspectorates, FKS

The Fire Brigade Inspectorates are responsible for overseeing and coordinating fire brigade matters in their particular canton. The Fire Brigade Inspectorates are members of the Swiss Fire Brigade Inspectors Association (SFIK) that forms the operational arm of the FKS (Swiss Fire Brigade Coordination).

The Fire Brigade Inspectorate for Basel Land, Basel City and Solothurn work very closely with the ifa given that almost every cantonal course is held in the ifa at Balsthal. Other cantonal inspectorates also use the ifa infrastructure on occasion.


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Fire brigades

In the past few years, the ifa has played host to fire brigades from almost every canton who have come to train and take part in exercises on the ifa training grounds.

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Mandated course providers

Numerous mandated course providers make use of the ifa infrastructure to run courses on their own behalf. The ifa places the training grounds at their disposal and can also provide technical, material and logistical support during course preparation.


One mandated course provider and regular guest at the ifa is the Swiss Firefighters Association (SFV).


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Private sector customers

The Swiss Safety Center is a long standing customer who values the many-faceted infrastructure available at the ifa.


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P&S - Protection and Support service

The ifa provides the perfect exercise conditions for P&S organisations and as a result, the Training Department for the Solothurn P&S service took the decision to move their quarters to the ifa. From the summer of 2009, the Solothurn Cantonal P&S service will transfer their Training department into the new P&S Competence Centre (ziko) within the ifa complex. We are looking forward to working together. Other organisations will also be able to use our joint training facilities.


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Further Organisations

Further organisations

The extensive industrial-style complex makes the ifa an ideal choice for major operations such as police riot control exercises or training exercises for large-scale incidents. Police units from various cantons, paramedic services and other organisations also come to the ifa for just these reasons.