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Partnership and funding

The ifa is a simple partnership according to article 530 ff. of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR). It was created by the Basel Land and Solothurn Building Insurances with each holding joint and equal responsibility.


The BGV (Basel Land Building Insurance) was created in 1833 and is an independent public institution. In addition to providing fire, natural hazard and flood damage insurance, the BGV also assumes the responsibility for fire protection (prevention) and the fire services (intervention)

in a sovereign role. The BGV is also involved in various projects relating to general safety and

is a significant investor in real estate.


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The SGV (Solothurn Building Insurance) is a public, legally autonomous institution. Although affiliated to the state administration, it is independently managed by an administrative commission. The SGV provides not only fire and natural hazard insurance for every building in the canton; it is also responsible for fire prevention and the fire services.


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