It's all about people

Taking pleasure in what you do is a basic prerequisite for a successful career and the foundation for a balanced home life. Everyone has a different notion of the perfect job.


We are convinced that the strengths of the individuals bear their greatest fruit in a team environment. The best results are always obtained when staff combine their talents and work together to find solutions. That explains why we are particularly attentive to our employees' interpersonal skills. We use hierarchies to promote an open and honest feedback culture.


The ifa is a financially independent company based in Balsthal which is funded by the Basel Land and Solothurn Building Insurances jointly. The ifa has 18 permanent staff members and has a pool of more than 100 experienced militia employees to call upon.

The ifa is the local leading fire brigade training centre in Switzerland. We provide optimum training facilities for firefighters and other emergency service personnel offering them operational training under realistic, efficient and safe conditions.


It comes as no surprise, then, that many training officers choose the ifa and send several thousand course participants to us each year.


A fire brigade training centre like the ifa, which is mainly geared towards providing services, needs to place a high value on interpersonal skills, team spirit and flexibility as basic prerequisites. If you can identify with our Guiding Principles, you are sure to fit in.


The ifa has a very progressive staffing policy. Keywords include: attractive employment conditions, interesting and versatile positions, a good working climate and equal opportunities.


A multi-facetted working environment with exciting and unusual tasks awaits you. Use your full range of skills, build on your strengths and make the most of your opportunities. We will support you!


If you, too, believe that employees are a company's greatest asset, then take a look at our current vacancies.

Our values

The Intercantonal Fire Training Center ...
...puts people first. part of the firefighting world. a partner to all of the emergency services.
...maintains an international network. an organisation prepared to teach and learn.
...develops integrated courses.
...creates many benefits for all of those involved.
...optimises time invested in training. environmentally aware.
...makes safety its number one priority.

We currently have no vacancies.