Instructor training for new railway courses

  24. January 2019

Forty-five part-time instructors of the International Fire Academy took on the role of students in mid-January and completed the training for the new basic railway course. The procedure was reflected on a par with the full-time instructors to address questions and suggestions for improvement directly. Overall, the two days were focused on conveying the new course content unified.


Training Report: to prepare for mental stress

  21. January 2019

Dealing with those involved in a railway incident in a tunnel can be a major strain for emergency services. The Thuringian tunnel fire services have included this topic in their training. What this specifically means explains our training report.


Retrospect of the 7th Fire Chief Forum

  17. December 2018

Even though the main topic of the 7th Fire Chief Forum of the International Fire Academy on 22nd and 23rd November in Basel was the Railway Tunnel Firefighting Procedure, issues of deployments in underground transport systems were addressed in 15 lectures and tactics sessions which were offered for the first time. The host Christian Brauner has summarised key impressions from the two intense days.


Rolf Karlen joins the team as Head of Product Management

  01. November 2018

The continuous growth of the International Fire Academy since its foundation in 2009 has led to a dynamic development in training, consulting, customer care and product design. At the interface of these fields, the position of a product manager has now been created. For the challenging task, the Swiss Rolf Karlen could be won.


Uniform firefighting procedure for railway tunnels in Switzerland

  18. September 2018

In an intensive, four-year work process, the Didactic and Development Team (DDT) at the International Fire Academy has defined a practice-oriented tactic for incidents in railway tunnels and defined the necessary training. The "Railway Tunnel Firefighting Procedure" was approved in autumn 2018 by the Conference of the Swiss Fire Service Inspectors as a binding training basis for Swiss fire services and is also the basis for the courses offered by the International Fire Academy for non-Swiss fire services.


Firefighting Operations in road tunnels in brief

  01. September 2018

The International Fire Academy has published two "Firefighting in Road Tunnels" leaflets as a short teaching document. The leaflets "Tactics for Single-Tube/Tactics for Twin-Tubes" and "Reconnaissance and Firefighting/Search and Rescue" provide an overview of the standard procedures for engagement in road tunnels. They supplement the textbook "Firefighting Operations in Road Tunnels" and offer a quick overview of the most important points of the subject.