Information for training supervisors

The International Fire Academy basically only trains firefighters when commissioned by a fire service authority, a fire service school or on behalf of other authorities (for example fire service inspectorates and national or provincial fire service authorities). Only in this way can the complete mutual compatibility of strategy, tactics and deployment techniques be ensured.

Consequently, the International Fire Academy only offers training courses for either management personnel or fire brigades (in other words management personnel and firefighting crews):

- courses for management personnel

- brigade personnel training courses


In addition, the International Fire Academy trains disseminators from different fire brigades together, for example on behalf of the Baden-Württemberg provincial fire service and in collaboration with the Provincial Fire Academy in Bruchsal, who then use the knowledge they have gathered to prepare members of their own brigades for deployment in tunnel fires.


As the training for deployment in road tunnels best imparts the necessary basics, the International Fire Academy offers courses for just road tunnels as well as combination road and rail tunnel courses. Courses aimed exclusively at rail tunnels are run in direct cooperation with the appropriate rail companies.


A summary of all of the international training courses offered is currently available only in German.