What others have to say about the International Fire Academy

The International Fire Academy has a pool of 40 instructors from Switzerland and other European countries. These instructors offer training in four languages: German, English, French and Italian.


To date, over 7,000 fire service personnel have been trained in our tunnel training facilities. Here are comments from some of them:

Thomas Greuter, Training Officer and Platoon Head, Landeck Fire Brigade

"The training conditions were extremely realistic and therefore highly informative for us. We learned to have more respect for suchlike incidents, but at the same time we were able to acquire a certain confidence when it comes to fighting tunnel fires."

Torsten Hinsche, Deputy Chief Officer, Head of the Hazard Prevention division, Erfurt Municipal Fire Brigade

"This is the only fire service academy of its type in Europe - if not in the world. Here in the International Fire Academy, you can practise every conceivable scenario in tunnels very realistically, without having to put a tunnel out of service for training purposes. Every fire brigade should avail themselves of the opportunity and train here."

Beat Walther, Deputy Fire Chief, Gotthard Fire & Rescue Service

"In the tunnel training facilities of the International Fire Academy we have the best prerequisites for facing the most varied of incidents over and over again in different ways and therefore optimising our procedures. As we do so, we test our equipment and vehicles under realistic conditions and have the opportunity to try out new things. The amount of experience gained is relatively great and, as a result, the quality of collaboration between all those involved is increased with lasting effect. In the event of deployment, this again leads to more efficient handling of incidents, improved safety and fewer injuries and damage to property, which saves money in the end."

Thomas Bettler, Intervention Manager, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

"The feedback from our fire crews has been positive throughout. Particular mention was made of the high level of professionalism, in-depth know-how and the exciting, highly instructive programme."