Page layout

The page layout has a strictly logical format throughout: Header - Navigation/Content section/Specials - Footer.
Header (top)
The header contains the ifa logo and a banner. A few standard functionalities are arranged above this banner. A click on the ifa logo always takes you back to the homepage. If there is something of special interest mentioned in the banner, clicking on it takes you directly to the relevant content. A full text search is available above the banner. You can also call up the sitemap, login to the ifaNET, visit the help page or select your preferred language. All these functionalities are explained below.
Navigation (left)
The navigation on the left hand side structures all the website content into subject areas. There are never more than 3 navigation levels. Select the subject area of interest to see the content in the content section.
Content section
The content section displays the corresponding content for the subject area chosen. This may be actual content, search results, forms, news or something else. Numerous functionalities are available in the area between the banner and the content section.  These allow the specific content to be correctly printed, forwarded, commented on or added to your favourites. These are described in detailed below.
Specials (right)
On the right hand side of the page, there is an area devoted to contextual content such as the latest news, facts and figures, testimonials, press releases, etc.
Footer (bottom)
The footer contains the ifa address, followed by links to the legal notice and the terms of use.


Links are always marked with a small red arrow on the ifa website. A click on the red arrow itself or on the text preceding it takes you to the linked page. For example: if you would like to find out more about our customers, please click here.


Note: Depending on your browser settings, the links may also be underlined.

Full text search

Are you searching for a particular subject? There is a full text search option available above the banner. Enter a word or part of a word into the search field and confirm your entry by pressing return. The search machine will then search through all the ifa website contents and stored documents for the search term and present all the hits in a list.
Tip: After the first search, click on “Extended search” to set more detailed parameters.


A website sitemap is a hierarchical display showing all the subject areas on one single contents page. The sitemap allows you to access a subject directly by clicking on it.

Login to the ifaNET

Registered users can use the Login/Logout link to access the ifaNET.


This page explains various elements and expressions. But if you don’t find the answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact information here


The ifa website is available in German, French and English.

Print content

If you would like to print out the contents of the page you are viewing, click on the printer icon and the content will appear in a separate window in a printer-friendly form. After a short pause, the printer dialogue will begin. Select the printer and confirm by pressing enter.
Tip: If you want to create a PDF, select Acrobat or an equivalent programme as the printer!.

Requests to ifa staff members

Have you discovered something of interest? Would you like to know more, or do you have a question? Then please use the direct request option by clicking on the envelope icon. This creates a new email addressed to the relevant staff member. The subject bar automatically contains a reference to the page you are on, so all you have to type in is your request. We will be more than happy to get in touch with you.

Recommend a page

If you know of someone else who would also be interested in a particular page, tell them that you have found some interesting information. We are pleased to be recommended to friends and colleagues.

Add page to favourites

If you want to return to the page you are currently viewing, click on the star icon to access the favourites dialogue so that it can be listed under your favourites for later use.

Feedback for the webmaster

If you would like to send us a message or a suggestion pertaining to the page you are viewing or if you have found a mistake, please make use of our integrated feedback option by clicking on the speech bubble icon and filling out the feedback form. We are always happy to receive feedback.


A click on the RSS icon will activate a subscription to our news ticker. This will allow you to see the latest news from the ifa at regular intervals at your desired location (e.g. browser or mail programme).