Training on-site with the Professional Fire Service Jena

  11. December 2015

The professional fire service of Jena (DE) is amongst other things in charge of the Jagdberg road tunnel, which opened to traffic in October 2014. As preparation for the new task, firefighter officers from Jena passed through the training of the International Fire Academy in 2012 and 2013, resulting in an on-site training concept explained in a detailed report from Manuela Naeter, responsible for the tunnel training of the professional fire service Jena.

Training concept with training stations and drills

About 100 firefighters of the professional fire service Jena have been trained for fires in tunnels in 2015 at the Landesfeuerwehr- und Katastrophenschutzschule (federal state fire and civil defence academy) in Bad Köstritz. In 2016, training of the voluntary fire service is scheduled, which support operations in the Jagdberg tunnel. Together with her colleague Uwe Koch, Manuela Naeter developed the training concept with training stations and three drills. Thereby revert to their gained experiences at their training in Switzerland. With their concept and creative implementation, they already inspired other fire services to similar on-site training. 

Reports for Download

The in-house training of Jena is introduced in the recent report of training management, which can be downloaded hereFurthermore the International Fire Academy published a course experience report about the “Tunnel training for Airport Shiphol” and her Academy Profile. These reports can be downloaded here as well.

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