Successful ISO certification

  14. September 2012

Since 14 September 2012, the International Fire Academy ifa has been certified for the first time according to two ISO standards. We are one of the first Swiss companies in the education sector to receive the international ISO 29990:2010 training standard certificate. Over and above this, we now comply with management standard ISO 9001:2008.

The preparatory work to attain this new ISO 29990 standard demanded a lot of work from all of those involved. In this respect we were pleased to be able to establish what an important contribution these results will make to the future basic and advanced training of all course participants.

The development of fundamental teaching papers, the new process landscape and resulting documents make it clear to everyone how and where each person can make a contribution. This will make it better and easier to achieve our prime objective, namely consistently ensuring the satisfaction of all those taking part.

We have therefore reached the following conclusion: we have taken another important step forward and must now continue along the path ahead of us with the same level of consistency. Consequently, existing processes will continue being improved, so that trainees visiting our facilities can gain the best possible experience. We will also ensure that course content is regularly checked and brought in line, firstly with state-of-the-art technology and know-how, and secondly with practical experience

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