First intensive road tunnel course goes international

  26. March 2014

With six participants from Southern Germany and three from Abu Dhabi, the International Fire Academy carried out its intensive road tunnel course for the first time in March. On this course, management personnel and training supervisors experience and learn everything that is necessary to develop a deployment concept for "their" fire brigade.

After the mandatory safety briefing, there followed an exhaustive tour of the tunnel training facilities, combined with information on the differences and characteristics of underground transportation facilities as they went around. A link with practice was established with a visit to the Gotthard Fire & Rescue Service ("SWG") where an officer introduced the modus operandi of this unit. Parts of the St. Gotthard road tunnel were also inspected. The first day came to a close with a trip through the tunnel followed by fondue in Airolo.

Day two was all about the practical aspect. Breathing apparatus was donned right from the start of the course. Then after in-depth training in reconnoitring, extinguishing fires and search and rescue operations, things moved on to two intensive deployment exercises. After a closing lecture on tactics, some of the participants had almost reached their personal performance limit.

Deployment management and tactics were the topics on day three. In this respect, several incidents were worked through "virtually" in the Tactics Centre, enabling the course participants to gain more valuable know-how.

Amongst other things, the closing course assessment resulted in the following feedback:

  • The tactics on the third day were completely coherent and understandable, because the whole approach on the previous day had been developed and applied in practice on a one-to-one basis.
  • The overall increase in know-how can also be applied in the normal day of a firefighter.

The course instructors were particularly excited about the opinion of the participants from Abu Dhabi. Ingo Winterstein, Emirates Fire and Rescue Company in the capacity of "Central Training" Team Head, was visibly enthusiastic: "As I experienced and learned the individual training elements I was able to establish that the instructors of the International Fire Academy had carefully thought through each individual part of the training from A to Z. The right teaching resources were always at the right place at the right time (whiteboard, clipboard, pens, equipment, etc.). Questions were posed at appropriate times and the progression from theory to practice was perfect - teaching at a high level. The sequence of in-depth training from the morning with all the consolidation and correction of mistakes connected perfectly with the large-scale deployment exercises in the afternoon." Tobias Almstadt, Team Head Abu Dhabi City Station EFRC, confirmed this impression: "The International Fire Academy offers a coherent concept that is thought out from beginning to end and goes into the tiniest detail. Practical training that can be applied to real-life situations in UTFs."

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