Instructors prepare new deployment exercises

  21. January 2015

For three days, 40 instructors from the International Fire Academy trialled new deployment exercises from 18 to 21 January 2015 at its sites in Lungern and Balsthal. The exercises have been developed for the UTF road refresher course and can in future also be integrated into other training courses.

Transferring training content to new scenarios

The training content for the deployment of firefighters in road tunnels will be utilised in new scenarios in refresher courses from March 2015. In Lungern for example a twin-bore tunnel will be simulated, in which vehicles will also be positioned in the safety tunnel. In Balsthal instructors tested new options for access into the tunnel, for instance into the lower level of the complex via a staircase.

"Course participants apply known training content to new situations. In this way they will be confronted with new demands, so as to expand their handling skills," explains Marianne Wernli (Head Education). All four new exercises for each location were run through so that on future courses the instructors will be familiar with the scenarios based on their own experiences.

Instructor restraint as a virtue

The third day of advanced training for instructors covered the subject of didactics. Andreas Meyer of the Baden-Württemberg Fire Academy in Bruchsal talked on the particular aspects of didactics based on actual experience. This includes, for example, questions from course participants where the instructors should be aware of their possible reactions: does the question advance the current process, should it be discussed within the group or put back to a later date, for instance? In order to facilitate experiences, instructors should hold back and not be too hasty to present a solution, so as to enable the participants to accumulate their own findings from the common task and then discuss them. Andreas Meyer summed up in a single sentence where experience has its limitations: "Training against the clock always requires rules to ensure safety."

Courses with new exercises from March 2015

Swiss fire service personnel can take part in the UTF road refresher course, as long as they have already successfully completed the basic road UTF courses (parts 1 & 2) or the basic road & rail UTF course as well as the basic road UTF course (part 2). The refresher course is particularly suitable for members of one or a maximum of two organisations that cooperate. Mixed groups can be organised for smaller brigades. The first courses featuring the new content take place in March 2015. After consultation, these exercises can also be integrated into other training courses for domestic and foreign fire service personnel.

Further information is available from Marianne Wernli (Head Education) and Markus Vogt (Head Consulting), Telephone +41 62 382 11 11, e-mail: marianne.wernlianti spam bot@ifa-swissanti spam, markus.vogtanti spam bot@ifa-swissanti spam  

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