Swiss surprise during "Scott Firefighter Stairclimb"

  10. March 2013

4 floors with 76 steps in under a minute – that should be easy enough. But wearing breathing equipment? And what if you have to keep up this pace climbing 69 floors with 1,311 steps? Adrian Müller, Stefan Amsler and Lukas Stadelmann of the volunteer fire brigade in the Swiss town of Frick managed it and conquered the Columbia Tower in Seattle during the "Scott Firefighter Stairclimb" on 10 March 2013, each of them doing it in less than 16 minutes. Out of a total of 1,475 fire service personnel, they achieved some remarkable places: Adrian Müller came 79th (time: 15:15 minutes), Stefan Amsler 86th (15:25) and Lukas Stadelmann was in 114th place (15:46). The best time was 10:48 minutes. A week before on 2 March 2013, the team of Müller, Amsler and Stadelmann won the 10th Tower Running competition in Basel in the Elite Fire Brigade Class with the best times.

In America the Swiss team also attracted interest in the International Fire Academy thanks to their helmets and T-shirts. Many thanks to the super-fit ifa Stairclimbers for this.

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