Second invitation to the FDIC in Indianapolis

  18. November 2016

The FDIC (Fire Department Instructors Conference) in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, presents itself as the world's largest conference for fire service training, including a trade fair. From 24 to 29 April 2017, the International Fire Academy will be represented for the second time at this event and present the Swiss Tunnel Firefighting Procedure.

More than 900 instructors applied in 2017 to conduct a pre-workshop or lecture. One of the 214 "classrooms" goes to Markus Vogt, a full-time instructor and head consultant of the International Fire Academy. This year, he was already a guest at the FDIC as an instructor with a four-hour workshop.

Firefighting operations with great depths of penetration

In April 2017 Mark Vogt will talk about the challenges of firefighting operations with great depths of penetration and introduce the procedure taught at the International Fire Academy. He refers equally to railway and road tunnels, underground parking and underground shopping arcades. Among other, he will also highlight the issues how to find all victims, how emergency personnel can keep its orientation, find their way to a safe area in time and how to cope with the high strains of operations.

Over 30 000 visitors per year

As Markus Vogt, other experts will speak on specific scenarios, such as firefighting in high rise buildings, churches, research institutes and hospitals. Further topics are leadership, training, health and safety of emergency personnel. More than 30 000 trade visitors are expected annually at the FDIC. For comparison: the Interschutz attracts more than 150 000 visitors every five years. The entire lecture and workshop list of the FDIC is already available on the website

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