Firefighting Operations in road tunnels in brief

  01. September 2018

The International Fire Academy has published two "Firefighting in Road Tunnels" leaflets as a short teaching document. The leaflets "Tactics for Single-Tube/Tactics for Twin-Tubes" and "Reconnaissance and Firefighting/Search and Rescue" provide an overview of the standard procedures for engagement in road tunnels. They supplement the textbook "Firefighting Operations in Road Tunnels" and offer a quick overview of the most important points of the subject.

Images enable quick orientation

The 18-page leaflets are folded to a size of 10 x 14.7 cm and are not even as thick as a beer mat. That is why they fit comfortably into the cover pocket of the textbook "Firefighting Operations in Road Tunnels". Unfolded, they provide 90 cm of graphics and photos with short sentences on how to act in tunnel operations. Engagement scenarios are shown as well as the necessary equipment.

Teaching material for training at the home station

The textbook continues to provide the comprehensive teaching document for "Firefighting Operations in Road Tunnels". With the leaflets, the International Fire Academy fulfils the wish for a short summary. The leaflets can be used separately, for example for quick repetition during a training at the home station.

Course participants receive a set free of charge

All participants in the basic and officer courses at the International Fire Academy receive a set of leaflets with their training materials free of charge. In addition, a set will in future be included with each of the textbooks, which can be ordered directly from the International Fire Academy or online at

Order "Firefighting Operations in road tunnels" leaflets separately

The leaflets for road tunnels can be ordered separately in packs of 25 sets. Enquiries and orders can be placed with the International Fire Academy at contactanti spam bot@ifa-swissanti spam and telephone +41 62 386 11 11.

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