Instructor training for new railway courses

  24. January 2019

Forty-five part-time instructors of the International Fire Academy took on the role of students in mid-January and completed the training for the new basic railway course. The procedure was reflected on a par with the full-time instructors to address questions and suggestions for improvement directly. Overall, the two days were focused on conveying the new course content unified.

To correctly assess the strains and the required time

Long distances and limited space complicate the work in railway tunnels. Already the hose management requires special techniques and a lot of energy. After the drills, the instructors were able to assess the strain that awaits their students very well. At the same time, they paid attention to how long everything takes. With this experience, they can later decide during their course, whether additional tasks can be inserted or the participants have to be faster to complete a lesson on time.

To create reliefs for difficult tasks

Transporting patients in confined spaces is one of the biggest challenges in a railway incident. This applies even more in an overturned car. At the railway practice area of the International Fire Academy, such a situation was trained using a nifty tool: Patients are secured on a spine board and carried on a rescue sledge, which uses a ladder as rails. This construction proves to be very helpful and significantly reduces the effort required.

Basic understanding of the new railway tactics

The practical training in the new railway training tunnel and at the railway practice area was supplemented by training at the Tactics Centre. There, Mirko Kunz, Markus Grenacher, Vinzenz Graf and Martin Helfer, all members of the Didactic and Development Team of the International Fire Academy, explained the Railway Tunnel Firefighting Procedure developed by this committee. As a mandatory training basis throughout Switzerland, it is essential for the new Basic course railway in Balsthal.

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