Rolf Karlen joins the team as Head of Product Management

  01. November 2018

The continuous growth of the International Fire Academy since its foundation in 2009 has led to a dynamic development in training, consulting, customer care and product design. At the interface of these fields, the position of a product manager has now been created. For the challenging task, the Swiss Rolf Karlen could be won.

Special interest in major incidents

During his time with the Opfikon fire service, the professional fire service Schutz & Rettung Zurich and as deputy fire inspector of the canton Zurich, Rolf Karlen was deployed in several major incidents, including major fires, aircraft crashes, railway and tunnel incidents. "I always wanted to be well prepared for such operations", he explains his special interest. He has not only passed on his gained knowledge in training courses to fire services, but also to senior emergency physicians, medical incident commanders, partner organisations and civilian community management staffs.

Structures and rules for incident operations

Another field that Rolf Karlen has worked on intensively is the structuring of processes for incident operations. Among other things, he coordinated the development of the Swiss regulations on incident operations management, HAZMAT deployments, basic training and for major incidents, he played a key role in concepts and publications on plannable and unplannable incidents, on the organisation of incident scenes and the management of major incidents. His point of reference in all these assignments has always been the relevance for the operation.

The scale is what the incident operation demands

On 1 November, Rolf Karlen switches from his position as Head of Projects, Training, Technology and Organisation at the Swiss Firefighter Coordination to the International Fire Academy. As Head of Product Management, his new task is to ensure that the diverse offerings of the International Fire Academy exactly meet the needs of customers and are continuously adjusted to the requirements of practical applications. Rolf Karlen will also be involved in the Didactic and Development Team and contribute to the optimisation of the training. A major challenge will be to restructure the knowledge database of the International Fire Academy in order to be able to offer our customers more in-depth background knowledge in addition to the teaching content.

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