Services offered by the International Fire Academy

The International Fire Academy is Europe's leading fire service school for instruction and training in underground transportation facilities. An expert team delivers Swiss tunnel training at the heart of Switzerland, a country known for its many tunnels, using a training concept that has been specially developed for the purpose and which enjoys extensive support. At the heart of the fire service academy are two unique, gas-fired, tunnel exercise facilities in the Swiss towns of Balsthal and Lungern, in which students can be deployed and trained on a 1:1 basis.

The International Fire Academy is the training partner of the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), a large number of fire brigades and fire service authorities from all over Europe, as well as the Fire Service Authority of the German province of Baden-Württemberg.


The International Fire Academy basically only trains firefighters when commissioned by a fire service authority, a fire service school or on behalf of other authorities (for example fire service inspectorates and national or provincial fire service authorities). Only in this way can the complete mutual compatibility of strategy, tactics and deployment techniques be ensured.


Consequently, the International Fire Academy only offers training courses for either management personnel or organisations (in other words management personnel and firefighting teams).


Standardized courses are actually only available for swiss fire fighter. On further request we are able to set up customized english spoken courses. In this case please contact Markus Vogt: markus.vogtanti spam bot@ifa-swissanti spam


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