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Large selection of training locations

In the outdoor area there are many training locations and lots of training items available. They can be used individually or integrated with one another in training sequences or exercises. The outdoor area is also big enough for combined training sessions to be carried out. Please ask us about the options, and we will be only too pleased to offer you further advice.

Wooden house

The wooden house is equipped with a special pitched roof. It is suitable for setting up emergency roofs, as well as for training for working on a tiled roof. The wooden house is also suitable for training in the fall protection field.

Tanker vehicles

In the environmental response unit, the sealing, collection and tank-to-tank transfer of contents can be practised on tanker vehicles (rail tank cars). Furthermore, the tanker vehicle is used during the three-way firefighting response for practising the correct tactical configuration (cooling containers).

Rescue wall

The rescue and exercise facade is perfectly suited to the training of rescue missions from top and bottom, as well as for training in the use of rescue equipment.


A 7.5 m high silo is available for instruction in silo rescues from top and bottom. The silo also has a platform with a horizontal beam.


In the neighbouring woodland there are two free-standing pylons for specialist high level rescue training. The pylons are 18 m in height and are located 250 m from one another.