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The pioneer site

The pioneer site covers an area of around 1,000 m2. This site is mainly used by the Civil Defence Competence Centre "ziko", but can also be used for training fire service personnel. Apart from the main area, various ancillary sites are also available.

Pipe/tunnel system

The three-part pipe and tunnel system can be equipped with obstacles made of concrete, steel or wood, all of which have to be negotiated. The challenge consists of working in restricted conditions, using various pieces of equipment. The initiation and consolidation level is taught with the flexible configuration of the degree of difficulty.

Multipurpose station

The multipurpose station is used for instruction in strutting and supports, as well as the construction of beams. The use of sandbag filling systems and the setting up of sandbag barriers are taught, as are general water damming jobs. The use of pumps can also be taught through the use of a flooding option.

Expanse of rubble

The unstable expanse of rubble is used for practising rescuing people who are trapped or buried. The trainees are set the task of assessing the situation of the rubble and securing it. Apart from the use of different items of equipment, the expanse of rubble is also particularly used for tactical management training.