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A building with multifaceted training opportunities

The pyrodrome, built into an old industrial building, extends over four storeys. With a total of nine scenes of fire, trainees have a large number of individual scenarios at their disposal, which can be selected, classified according to the level of training and challenge required. Thanks to tried and trusted gas fire equipment, fires are represented very realistically with extremely dynamic images of flames. Exercises can be interrupted or intensified at any time at the touch of a button. The facility, which was built in 2000, has proved its worth on a daily basis.
Also located in the pyrodrome building are two respiratory protection training facilities. You can find out more about the respiratory protection training facilities here

Exercise facade and outdoor area

The pyrodrome building has a 5-floor exercise facade and a generously-proportioned outdoor area. Individual storeys are also interconnected inside the building. This allows staff to set up many different options, deployment scenarios and training exercises.
In 2008, the existing complex was again extended and rebuilt: there are now extra exercise facades, as well as further exercise and conference rooms available.

Scenes of fires

A total of nine scenes of fires are distributed over four storeys inside the building, as well as at outdoor fire points.

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