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Multipurpose workplace

The small firefighting equipment platform offers ideal general conditions for instruction in the handling of hand-held fire extinguishers and how to use a fog nozzle. Mobility, ease of handling, maximum possible safety and environmental friendliness are the advantages of training equipment operated by propane gas. Various fire scenarios are replicated, whereby the intensity of the fires can be individually adjusted and individual sequences repeated as often as required. Apart from gas-driven fire points, fires with solid fuel (wood) and fluid fires (heptane) can be ignited.


The small firefighting equipment platform satisfies the maximum ecological requirements, so, for instance, the firefighting water can be recycled or disposed of appropriately.

Hand-held fire extinguisher training

Training in the handling of fire extinguishers incorporates a theoretical and a practical part. Firstly, basic knowledge of how to avoid fires and fight them is imparted, before the trainees learn how best to use hand-held fire extinguishers without putting themselves into danger. Various training items are provided for this purpose, such as a wood fire, fluid fire, wastepaper basket fire, computer monitor fire and a gas grill fire. An impressive demonstration is also given of the consequences of inappropriate procedure in the case of a fat fire. Training uses mobile, gas-fired equipment and real wood fires.

Handling a fog nozzle

Various fire scenarios are provided in order to be able to practise handling a fog nozzle. Whether it is a flange fire, barrel fire (fighting fluid fires in barrels) or gas bottle fire (can also be used for rescue training): a shield of water must be built up, so you can approach the seat of the fire with adequate protection, for example to be able to close the valve in the event of a flange fire. The emphasis of training here lies in correct handling of the fog nozzle.