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À la carte

It is our aim to configure fire service training efficiently and effectively at all levels, on the basis of our training infrastructure, know-how and experience. Besides infrastructure and equipment, we make available to you personnel (instructors, technicians), so you can prepare your fire service personnel here under realistic conditions for future deployment.

Customised training

Apart from standardised courses, the ifa also offers individual training courses. À la carte means the following to us: customers select the right training for their needs from an extensive range of modules and options, in order to train intensively in specific conditions of deployment and to go through deployment scenarios. Does our standard programme not suit your needs? No problem: tell us your training objectives and we will develop a technical, tactical and didactically optimal fire service training course for you.


The right behaviour at the right moment in a serious situation can save your own life and that of others, as well as minimising damage to property. Therefore, intensive training is necessary – to the point where actions become automatic. The ifa has all the right infrastructure for this as well. It is important to know your own physical and mental limitations. Anyone who experiences their limits in training is better equipped to appraise them in a serious situation. Take advantage of our standard training modules or let us develop an individual training course in co-operation with you.

Combined training

Quite often up to now, training has been limited to small units for technical reasons alone, for example just watches and groups. The expanded training facilities of the ifa now offer the option of training fire brigade combinations, for example the joint deployment of two fire brigades sent to protect a large property, for instance a multi-storey car park. The following also applies here: you define the training objective, and we organise combined training, from the development of the scenario via detailed training sequence to final systematic assessment.

Tactical training

Our tactics centre offers the opportunity to simulate deployment situations as realistically as possible. Situations are represented to scale using back projection and illustrate the real conditions in a predefined place. Dynamic development of the situation demands leadership in order to deal with the situation as it unfolds and to manage available personnel. Co-ordination and communication between section leaders and those in overall charge of the situation, as well as the crews is practised. The tactics centre offers a unique opportunity to try out existing deployment plans.

On-site training

Do you want training to take place in your local authority or your own facilities? Or do you need to practise on a special building? The ifa is mobile: with gas-operated fires and smoke machines, we can portray a large number of deployment situations and consequently make particularly realistic training possible on site for you. In addition, we can run a large number of models by you (e.g. smoke models) and explain them to you on site.