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All-round respiratory protection training opportunities

Training programmes can be put together on both facilities that take into consideration the individual requirements of fire service personnel. In this respect, the ifa is more than willing to advise those responsible for training, in order to ensure maximum success.


You can gain an impression of the respiratory protection training facilities here


As a rule, a training lesson lasts 50 minutes, followed by a 10-minute break, during which time the RP bottle is changed. Respiratory protection training can be carried out on working days (including Saturdays!), either in the morning, afternoon or evening. Training generally involves the use of your own RP equipment. Alternatively, you can hire RP equipment manufactured by Dräger, Auer and Cyber.
The scope of services includes the use of the entire respiratory protection training facility, instructors, filling air bottles and the use of equipment cleaning and maintenance rooms (RP equipment, cloakrooms/showers).

RPT facility 1

RPT facility 1 includes approximately 80 m2 of walking and crawling areas, a tank system for more demanding rescues, as well as an attractive fitness area. The respiratory protection course has two different entrances with various obstacles, some easy and some more difficult. The most difficult passage is a tube with a diameter of 60 cm and a length of 2.5 m. In the control room, individual watches can be supervised using built-in infra-red cameras and given instructions via the PA system.

RPT facility 1 is especially suitable for checking the physical fitness of individual fire service personnel, training watch behaviour, training watch commanders, carrying out rescues (with and without smoke) or the use of thermal imaging cameras (belonging to the fire brigade or on loan from the ifa).

RPT facility 2

We offer RPT facility 2 for more demanding and intensive training. This training facility has a number of long, unfamiliar and, to a degree, dangerous approaches. Provided in particular are gas and fluid pipework installations, as well as an integrated water tank. Exercises can be carried out with or without smoke.
RPT facility 2 is suitable for the following main training foci: behaviour in the watch in the case of unusual incidents, intensive training in communications, watch leadership, supervision and safety, rescues over long, difficult routes with thermal imaging cameras. During exercises the adjacent fire training room (a bedroom) can be integrated and training can be individually tailored in co-operation with the ifa.