Leaflets support the preparation for tunnel firefighting operations

The leaflets of the International Fire Academy summarize essential contents of the firefighting operation procedure for firefighting operations in railway and road tunnels. They are now available for the first time for railway tunnels and in the second edition for road tunnels in the «Knowledge» section as a download and are also available as printed copies. Both the pdf files and the leaflets can be used for training on-site.

Reminder for fire services

Firefighting operations in tunnels are rare but challenging incidents. For the fire services, they are one training topic alongside many other topics. Nevertheless, the necessary knowledge must be available quickly. For this reason, the International Fire Academy, in close cooperation with the didactic and development team, has developed and published leaflets that support training and the repetition of the most important contents of its Tunnel Firefighting Procedure for railway and road tunnels. Two leaflets each form one unit. They are newly published on the subject of «Firefighting Operations in Railway Tunnels». They are available in German, English, French and Italian. After their training in Balsthal, every course participant receives a unit of leaflets. In addition, pdf files of the leaflets are available as a download for training purposes in the «Knowledge» section.

The leaflets are designed as reminders, not as independent publications. They, therefore, do not replace training or reading the textbooks, but complement both. The explanation should be given during training.

Leaflets on road tunnels in the second edition

The first edition of the leaflets on road tunnels is largely out of print. For the new edition, the design has been optimized in individual areas. In the german version, a designation was changed to avoid confusions. Otherwise, the content of the second edition is identical to the first. Therefore, despite the changes, fire services can use their remaining stocks of the first edition together with leaflets of the new edition.

Printed editions of the leaflets can be purchased in sets of 2 x 25 copies.