What we train for

We train firefighters for operations in objects with large penetration depths, e.g. road and rail tunnels. Our training consultants will show you how our training facilities can also be used for other types of UTS, such as tunnel systems from airports or power plant cavers.

How we train

We practice didactics based on experience: In our training facilities, the students experience with all their senses the special operational conditions in UTS and learn how to deal with them. The basis for this is our widely accepted Tunnel Firefighting Procedure, which can be adapted by all fire service systems with little effort.


« My play is learning, my learning is playing. »

Hieronymus van Alphen

« Avoiding mistakes is reasonable. Learning to deal with mistakes is more reasonable. »

Karl Feldkamp

« Learning is fifty-one per cent relearning. »

Manfred Hinrich

Courses for Swiss fire services

On behalf of the Swiss Federal Roads Office (ASTRA) and all Swiss railway companies, we train the members of the Swiss fire services that are intended for deployment in tunnels of the national road network or on railway facilities.

International offers

Our international offer is made use of by fire services from all over Europe, North America and the Middle and Far East. Our program ranges from on-site training to the training of multipliers and multi-day intensive courses in Switzerland.