Everyone constructs their own reality

The basis of experience didactics is the epistemological assumption that we construct what we call reality individually (see also this magazine article). On the basis of his experience, one firefighter may be convinced that it is impossible to solve the task he has been given. Another firefighter, on the other hand, is confident in accepting this challenge, because he has already experienced that the situation is manageable.

Learning from experiences

Operational experience can only be gained during operations. However, fires in underground transport systems are comparatively rare, which is why many firefighters have little or no experience with the particular challenges of vehicle fires in tunnels. This is why the International Fire Academy creates learning and experience worlds in which almost all operational conditions and tasks can be realistically displayed.

Compressed theory, a lot of practice

Our unique training facilities offer the opportunity to experience the operating conditions in underground transport systems with all your senses. That's why our courses focus on practice. The theoretical background is conveyed in a compressed form. Be it in short lectures or on the educational trails in our road and railway training tunnels. Here the peculiarities of UTS are explained on the object at hands or by means of educational posters. Textbooks and learning documents published by the International Fire Academy are available for further education.