Practising on the real object

In 1999, a total of 51 people were killed in two fires in the Mont Blanc Tunnel and the Tauern Tunnel. As a result, the Swiss Federal Roads Office (ASTRA) set up a task force to optimise tunnel safety. One result was: The fire services must be able to prepare for operations in road tunnels on the real object. At the beginning of 2001, the Intercantonal Fire Service Training Centre commissioned its Didactics and Development Team (DDT) to design suitable training facilities. This team concluded that a training tunnel alone would not suffice. Special tactics and techniques must also be developed, and instructors need to teach them.


« Experience is not what comes to you. Experience is what you do with what happens to you. »

Aldous Huxley

« Tell me, and I will forget it. Show it to me, and I may keep it. Let me do it, and I will be able to do it. »


« You can't teach a human being anything; you can only help him to discover itself. »

Galileo Galilei

You have to be able to experience it for yourself

Nothing is as instructive as real deployments. But these are very risky if you have not learned to identify the dangers and deal with them properly. From this simple realization came our didactic concept: Our course participants should be able to experience real operating conditions for themselves, but without exposing them to uncontrollable risks.

Our didactic principle is: Let them learn! That's why we teach indirectly by creating complex learning and experience worlds. They give students the opportunity to see for themselves what the challenges are and how best to solve them.

UTS Firefighting Procedure

Our UTS Firefighting Procedure is widely supported and recognized in the firefighting world.


Our competent instructors always go with the students into the fire.

Training tunnel facilities

Our training tunnel facilities offer challenging operating conditions.


Many aids would be useful – but most would be too heavy.