Before the course

  • What do I have to bring to my course myself?

    It depends on the course what the participants have to bring. Please refer to the list in your course confirmation.

    If you need detailed information before receiving the course confirmation, the course administration will be happy to help you (tel. +41 62 386 11 11 or e-mail contact(at)

  • Where can I find information on how to get here?

    You can find all information about travelling here


  • Where can I check-in when I arrive?

    Basically: The meeting point and time are noted on your course confirmation; the course commander will be waiting for you right there. If you can not find the agreed meeting point, go to the Info-Point in Balsthal next to the main entrance of building A. There you can contact the course administration via an external intercom during office hours (Monday to Friday from 7 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 5 pm); We are happy to help.

  • If you are late. Who can I report this to?

    If you do not arrive on time before the course starts, we kindly ask you to report it immediately by phone. You can reach the course administration From Monday to Friday from 7 am tel. +41 62 386 11 11. The course commander will then be informed immediately by the course administration.

Overnight stay

  • Can I arrive the evening before and stay overnight?

    Arrival the evening before must be registered with the course administration (tel. +41 62 386 11 11 or contact(at) after receipt of the offer. Without a reservation confirmation from the course administration, it is not possible to arrive the evening before; the contingents may be limited. Early contact is recommended.

    You will then receive all the necessary details for travel a few days before the start of the course.

  • When can I move into my room?

    Rooms on the Balsthal campus are available from noon and should be occupied by 5 pm. A late arrival is possible after consultation with the course administration.

    If you are staying in a hotel, the usual times of the hotel apply.

  • By when must the room be vacated on the day of departure?

    Check-out on the Balsthal campus is at the latest 7.30 am so that the rooms are available in time for the next guests. The room keys must be inserted into the key slot in the entrance area of Building A by no later than 7.45 am.

    If you are staying at the hotel, the hotel's check-out times apply.


  • When is the canteen open?

    The opening hours of the canteen depend on the current service and are indicated in the course documents (schedule). The following times are therefore only considered as orientation: 6.30 am to 3.00 pm

  • I am a vegetarian - what do I need to consider?

    Please let the course instructor know immediately at the start of the course if you would like to eat vegetarian food. We can then take this into account in the catering. Please note: Vegan menus are not available.

  • I have a food intolerance. Can I still participate in the general catering?

    Please inform the course administration (Tel. +41 62 386 11 11 or e-mail contact(at) as early as possible, but no later than 10 days before your arrival, which foods you cannot tolerate. We can then take this into account in the catering.

  • Is there free Wi-Fi access?

    In Balsthal, free Wi-Fi is available to our visitors in buildings A and F. The access data can be found in the information in your room as well as in the training rooms.

    In Lungern there is WLAN in the common area. The access data is displayed there.

  • Where can I store valuables during my training?

    In Balsthal as in Lungern, lockers are available in the changing rooms. Please include your valuables there.

Return journey

  • Where can I leave my luggage before departure?

    On the Balsthal campus, you can store your luggage in the lounge in Building A. Ask your course commander or event organiser; they will be happy to help you.

    In Lungern there is no storage option. Please leave your luggage in the vehicles or ask the hotel.

  • I forgot something when I left. Whom can I contact?

    Please contact the course administration (tel. +41 62 386 11 11 or e-mail contact(at) and let us know what and when you have forgotten or lost something. We are happy to check and check the lost items, which are collected centrally.