Tunnel training facilities

In recent years, we have continuously developed our training facilities for operations in underground transport systems such as tunnels and underground car parks. The training requirements, the evaluation of operations and our Tunnel Firefighting Procedure were our benchmark. Today, two road training tunnels, a railway training tunnel and a railway training area, a training car park and our Tactics Centre are available for our tunnel courses. In this way, we can support every stage of operational preparation from planning to operational training precisely.

Fire service training facilities

We have continuously expanded the training facilities for Swiss fire services – from basic training to operational and company practices. The most recent addition is the firehouse Q. There, hot live fire training is possible not only with gas fires but also with solid fires. Training sequences and operational drills can be executed in the Pyrodrome, the SCBA-Parcours, at the flashover trainer, on the fire attack platform or in the Theme Park. Fire services use the wide range of training and practising offers very individually according to their training needs.


To gain experience in practice is our main focus. At the same time, all training elements are based on sound operational teachings, some of which we have developed ourselves in cooperation with fire services and other experts. The importance of exchange, reflection and background knowledge is therefore also very important. That's why we have state-of-the-art classrooms.