Textbook “Firefighting Operations in Road Tunnels"

In autumn 2014, the textbook “Firefighting Operations in Road Tunnels" was published as the first volume in the series “Interventions in underground transport systems". In terms of content, it is based on the Firefighting Procedure in road tunnels, which was developed at the International Fire Academy and which was recognised by the Swiss Fire Service Inspector Conference as a mandatory training basis throughout Switzerland. In addition to the German-language book, editions have been published in French and English. Since then, the textbook has been ordered by fire services worldwide.

On 144 pages, operational relevant information about tunnel constructions, dangers in road tunnel operations as well as deployment tactics, techniques and preparation are summarized. The volume is particularly vivid through 122 photos and graphics. The presentation in leg pocket format (12.2 x 16 cm) with protective cover makes the book a practical companion during training.

Expert experience for all emergency services

The textbook “Firefighting Operations in Road Tunnels" was developed by experienced fire service officers together with experts in the construction and operation of tunnels. It is aimed at all emergency services that are deployed to a fire in a road tunnel and want to prepare for it, as well as authorities and organisations with security responsibilities and those in charge for tunnel facilities.

Leaflets road tunnel as a short instructional document

The two leaflets “Tactics for single-tube & tactics for twin-tubes" and "Reconnaissance and Firefighting & Search and Rescue" fulfil the desire for a quick overview of the most important contents of the Firefighting Procedure for road tunnels. The standard engagement rules are displayed graphically on 16 pages. This allows for quick orientation and repetition of the central subjects

The format of the leaflets (folded 10 x 14.7 cm) has been chosen in such a way that one leaflet can be inserted in the front and rear of the protective cover of the textbook “Firefighting Operations in road tunnels". They are thus a good addition to the more extensive presentation in the book in terms of content and practice. All participants in the basic and officer road courses at the International Fire Academy receive a set of leaflets with their training materials free of charge. In addition, one set is encased in the textbooks, which are ordered directly from the International Fire Academy or the publisher.

Free download for training purposes

The leaflets can be downloaded and used free of charge as pdf files for on-site training in the «Knowledge» section.*

Leaflets as a set to order

The road tunnel leaflets can be ordered separately as printed leaflets. In each case sets of 25 copies per leaflet will be shipped.

* It is desirable that the leaflets be used for educational purposes, which is why they may be included in presentation programmes. For this purpose, the International Fire Academy grants all emergency organizations a corresponding right of use with the download. Commercial use of the leaflets is excluded.

Textbook “Firefighting Operations in Railway tunnels"

The second volume in the series “Interventions in Underground Transport Systems” was published in March 2020 in the German-language edition of the textbook “Firefighting Operations in Railway Tunnels“. Since 2022, the textbook «Firefighting Operations in Railway Tunnels» is also available in French and English.

The firefighting procedure developed at the International Fire Academy also provides the content for this publication. It was approved by the Swiss Fire Service Inspector Conference in autumn 2018 as a mandatory training basis, just like the Road Firefighting Procedure.

What fire services need to know about railway operations

While fire services are generally familiar with road traffic, there is a greater need for explanation on the subject of rail. This increases the volume of the book. The procedure during operation must also be considered in a more differentiated manner so that this textbook has a length of more than 200 pages. Structure, layout and design are essentially based on Volume 1, which has proven itself very well.

Leaflets for «Firefighting Operations in Railway Tunnels»

The International Fire Academy, in close cooperation with the didactics and development team, has now also developed, designed, and produced leaflets for the textbook «Brandereignisse in Bahntunneln» («Firefighting Operations in Railway Tunnels»). The first of the two fact sheets summarizes the most important information on the «Basic Tactical Pattern» and the «Hazards» during operations in railway tunnels. The second leaflet provides a quick overview of the topics «Reconnaissance», «Firefighting», «Search & Rescue» and «Entry into vehicles».

The two leaflets are enclosed free of charge in the textbook «Brandereignisse in Bahntunneln» («Firefighting Operations in Railway Tunnels», english edition in preparation) as an addition from the International Fire Academy. They are inserted into the protective cover at the front and back of the inside. All graduates of railway courses are also handed out the leaflets free of charge.

For training purposes, the International Fire Academy makes the pdf files of all fact sheets in the languages German, English, French and Italian available for download as pdf files in the «Knowledge» section. Sets of two-times 25 copies can be ordered from the International Fire Academy or the Kehsler Verlag.

Anniversary Book 10 Years International Fire Academy

To mark its tenth anniversary, the International Fire Academy has published a photo book with photographs from 2009 to 2019. When scrolling through, the atmosphere in the tunnel training becomes palpable – camaraderie, teamwork, strains and relaxation after successful drills.

The photos document the variety of training situations in the tunnel training facilities, in the Tactics Centre and on-site, as well as the exchange at the Fire Chief Forums. Those interested in technology can observe how details change, such as the strength of the hand lights during the operational drills or the quality of digital photography.

The foreword and retrospective of the anniversary book are printed in English, German, French and Italian. The staff, instructors and members of the didactics and development team are also documented at the time of publication of the book.
The softcover volume has 160 pages in the format 15.8 x 24.2 cm and is printed in colour throughout.