On behalf of the infrastructure carriers

The Swiss fire services are trained for rescue and firefighting operations in road and rail tunnels on behalf of the Swiss Federal Roads Authority (ASTRA) and the Swiss railway companies. They bear the cost of the courses.

Basic, tactics and refresher courses

The range of courses offered for Swiss fire services is divided into basic courses for all firefighters and tactics courses for incident commanders; refresher courses are offered for both. Essential entry requirements are a completed fire services basic training, respectively an officers training and the respectively required health suitability.

Road basic course

The basic road course is split into two parts. First, a two-day intensive course must be completed. It consists of an introduction to tactics, followed by detailed lessons on reconnaissance, firefighting and, search and rescue. Numerous operational drills are used for consolidation. In the following year, an intensive training day will be completed as the second part of the basic course for further consolidation.

Rail basic course

The basic course Bahn lasts two days and, like the basic road course, is divided into the topics of tactics, reconnaissance, firefighting, search and rescue. Furthermore, the basics for safe working on railway facilities also for outside of tunnels are taught. For this we offer the students many opportunities to familiarize themselves with track systems and rolling stock. For example, the very demanding rescue operation from a real overturned passenger coach can be practised.

Tactics courses

For both the road and the railway sector, we offer tactics courses for officers that are held in the Tactics Centre. In these one-day courses, the incident commanders are introduced to the respective tactics and train their application intensively in table-top games. Representatives of the railway companies are also involved in the railway tactics courses, e.g. railway incident commanders or chiefs of fire and rescue trains.

Refresher courses

For all courses, repetition courses are offered, which are attended about four years after the respective basic course or the last repetition course.

If you have any questions about the intensive courses for Swiss fire services, please do not hesitate to contact us.