The main problem: great penetration depths

Tunnel tubes are continuous fire compartments in which smoke can spread rapidly. Depending on the length of the tunnel and the number of lateral accesses, this results in penetration depths of up to several kilometres.

In the tunnel, it takes a lot of personnel

Even to deal with small vehicle fires, several dozen firefighters may be required, depending on the size and structure of a traffic tunnel.


« Not because it's hard, we don't dare, but because we don't dare, it's hard. »


« Even from stones that are placed in your way, you can build something beautiful. »

Erich Kästner

« If you challenge challenges, you challenge yourself! »

Martin Knecht

A lot of personnel needs a lot of coordination

The two-sided attack requires at least two fire services or fire units to be coordinated, starting from the first alarm.

It does not work without special technology

Special vehicles and equipment can support emergency personnel. But everything special also requires additional training.

Fit for the tunnel?

Firefighting operations in underground transport systems do not only require physical fitness. Equally important are the mental preparation and the best possible knowledge of the respective tunnel system.