Enabling UTS training

Many fire services want to take advantage of the extensive training offered by the International Fire Academy. Often, however, the general conditions are demanding, for example, because the travel expenses appear to be too high, the financing is problematic, or at the same time, not enough firefighters can be sent to fill a course. For all these challenges our training consultants know practicable solutions.

First step: requirement analysis

As a first step, our training consultants will work with you to identify a requirement analysis: What are the special challenges of the respective underground transport system (UTS)? How many firefighters are to be trained? Can they travel to Switzerland for training? What experiences do future students already have? What technical equipment is available or intended? It has also proved useful to introduce officers and crew at the location of the respective fire service into the specific problems of UTS in order to ensure an equal status of information for all members of a fire service. Such an introduction and information day about UTS is particularly important for fire services, which are dealing with the topic UTS for the first time due to a new construction project.

Second step: individual training planning

In the second step, a training plan is created, again together, which meets the individual needs of the respective fire service. For both, the crew and officers, courses in our training facilities in Balsthal and Lungern are combined with on-site training as required. This offers the possibility to optimally adapt our proven course program to the very different requirements of the fire services.

Third step: training implementation

Our training consultants also assist in the implementation of the planned training project, e.g. in the question of financing. In practice, very different procedures are used here. Some fire services cover the costs from their own training budgets. In other cases, firefighting schools send participants and bear at least part of the costs. In other cases, the carriers of the tunnels themselves are ready to take over the financing. Since the training consultants know all variants, they always find a suitable solution.

Goal: It must fit optimally!

The goal of our training consultation is to design the training in such a way that it fits optimally with the needs and possibilities of the fire services. This includes, for example, ensuring the compatibility of our procedures with the service regulations of the respective fire service system. Also, in this task, our training consultants can rely on a great deal of experience from working with many fire services from many countries.

Do not hesitate to use the service of our training consultants.

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