Instructors under respiratory protection

A large part of our practical training consists of operational exercises in smoke and under respiratory protection with breathing apparatus (BA). From the outside, you can't see what the participants are doing. For this reason, the instructors must always go with them «into the fire» - equally using BA. By radio remote control, they regulate the duration and strength of the vehicle fires depending on the behaviour of the practitioners. Due to the close proximity to the course participants, the instructors can immediately point out mistakes and provide individual tips for optimization. Above all else, however, they ensure the safety of the practitioners.

All instructors originate from practical firefighting

All our instructors are or have been active in fire services, many of them in the highest officer positions. They know the fire service's everyday life from personal experience. They know how firefighters think. They speak their language - both figuratively and literally. Our training languages are English, German, French and Italian.

All instructors have graduated from the School for Swiss Fire Service Instructors or equivalent training, have been educated and are continued to be trained by the International Fire Academy on underground transport systems.

Selected references

« Extremely practical and instructive »

Professional Fire Service Erfurt

« An education that sets standards. »

Swiss Federal Railways

« Ideal opportunity for repetitive training »

Emergency services Gotthard

Highly qualified and motivated

Our training corps consists of 6 full-time and about 50 part-time instructors, some of whom work in the main occupation as a professional firefighter for a company (e.g. the Swiss Federal Railways or the Gotthard road tunnel). They can also input the know-how and perspective of the carriers of underground transport systems into our development and training.

Our trainers are individual personalities. Everyone has their own style, and everyone introduces their own experiences. What they all have in common is the high esteem of each individual student and the great joy of the training work. Thereby the instructors converge not only physically with the participants. What connects everyone closely is the common passion for the fire service.