Requirements for participation

For each training service, the organiser will create a course confirmation containing all relevant information for participation. This includes course schedule and location, individual participation requirements and equipment that each participant must bring with them. Read the course confirmation carefully and bring it with you on the first day of the course.

Being fit for respiratory protective equipment

A medically certified suitability for the use of respiratory protection (SCBA) is required for all training courses with respiratory protection. It is the responsibility of the organiser to verify that all participants can prove confirmed physical suitability for respiratory protection as well as sufficient training for the use of breathing apparatus.

In form and rested

Most training services require good physical condition and attention capacity. Please note, therefore, that you are rested and fit for training services. Restrictions such as discomfort, injuries, fatigue and the like are disadvantageous to successful training. The course commander or the representative of an organizer may refuse participation in a learning service at any time in the event of insufficient performance of the participant.

Alcohol, medicines and drugs

Medicine, drug and alcohol consumption not only significantly impairs performance, but can have serious implications for training operations and its safety. Therefore, participants under the influence of medicine, drugs and alcohol are generally excluded from training services (exception: medically prescribed medications that do not affect personal performance and safety). Alcohol is only served in the evening after the end of all training services and exclusively in the lounge. We reserve the right to restrict alcohol consumption in evaluation of the following training day. If at the beginning of the training, it is assumed that a participant is not sober, an alcohol test is carried out on site. The house rules apply.

Ways to participate

Organizers use our training infrastructure in a variety of ways. Depending on the organizer, the type of training and other parameters, the registration procedures can be very different in individual cases. It is usually the case that firefighters are registered by their fire service for a training service. As a rule, we do not offer training services, which can be booked directly by firefighters on their own. If you want to book a course, there are different contacts. Responsibilities are explained in the following tabs. 

If you have any questions, our course administration will be happy to help you (tel. +41 62 386 11 11 or e-mail contact(at)