Train for tunnel operations with the simplest means on-site

Firefighting operations in tunnels are personnel-intensive, and the procedure must be trained. Many fire services have part of their personnel trained at our facility. However, that is not enough. The routines for these deployments must be practised with the entire team. It is why many participants asked for tips and examples for training at their location. This resulted in a new offer for fire services: the «Training Methodology» advanced modules.

Practical practice and helpful feedback

The two advanced modules, «Training Methodology», were developed for fire services who wish to attend a course at the International Fire Academy and book an additional half or one day to prepare for training at their own location. In the first advanced module, the participants practise giving feedback in the same way as the instructors at the International Fire Academy do. They will learn which topics can be trained on-site and what can be utilised. They also develop lessons for the routines «Reconnaissance», «Search & Rescue» and «Firefighting». In addition, they receive sample lessons on these three routines, which the International Fire Academy has specially developed for on-site training.

Establish the necessary routines with little effort

The aim is to give participants ideas for simple and effective drills on-site. The time required for each sample lesson is approximately 45 minutes. The lessons are designed in such a way that they can be shortened for half an hour or extended to an hour. The amount of preparation required depends on whether a lesson is realised with the simplest of means or whether, for example, barriers are set up as temporary tunnel walls and scrapped vehicles are positioned for practice.

Directly trying out lessons

In the second advanced module, participants will put sample lessons directly into practice and train on the grounds of the International Fire Academy outside of the training tunnels. For this advanced module, Marco Nigg, Product Manager at the International Fire Academy, has specifically developed lessons that can be realised with minimal effort. «We have realised that many fire services still do not practice enough on-site to achieve a sustainable training effect. That's why we show how easy it is to teach and consolidate the key routines.»

Training consultation on the advanced modules

Training consultant Clemens Pessel is the right contact for fire services interested in the «Training methodology» advanced modules. «Training methodology is one of several advanced modules we offer fire services. We work together to determine which advanced modules a fire service would benefit from the most and make an offer.» Pessel also points out that fire services that have already been trained intensively in the detailed lessons at the fire station can complete an intensive course in Balsthal that focuses mainly on training drills.» Our programmes are interlinked in order to provide the best possible support for the fire services. How exactly this works is something that we discuss individually for each enquiry.»

Understanding alone is no guarantee for correct actions

The first fire services are already in contact with us to add the new advanced modules «Training Methodology» to their courses. They are looking forward to looking behind the scenes of the training activities at the International Fire Academy. Because what seems so easy for the instructors and goes down well with the participants needs to be practised. The same applies to the training methodology: Only practical experience shows whether a lesson has not only been understood but can also be acted upon.

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Training consultant Clemens Pessel