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Fire service operation at a road tunnel fire

Reversing smoke propagation - underestimated danger

In training operations, it is regularly noticed that the danger of reversing airflow direction and thereby reversing smoke propagation during fire operations in tunnels is generally underestimated. That is why we address this topic, which is extremely important for the safety of the emergency personnel, in this article and show how the risks of a sudden reversal of airflow can be reduced.

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Towards rules of engagement for firefighting operations concerning hydrogen

More and more hydrogen-powered vehicles are on the roads and thus also in tunnels and underground car parks. That is why the International Fire Academy is involved in the «HyResponder» project. With fire services and fire service schools from several European countries, a special training course is to be developed for vehicles and systems with fuel cell technology. At the halfway point of the three-year project, we provide an interim report in the following.