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A fire and rescue train of the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway, consisting of three units.

Unique rescue apparatus with special technical features

At the beginning of 2019, the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway put two new fire and rescue trains into operation, each consisting of a combination of road-rail vehicles and rail-only vehicles. We visited Christian Imsand, the head of the Furka Base Tunnel Rescue Service, and Roland Guntern, the operations manager of the operational fire service, in Oberwald to learn more from them about this rescue apparatus, which is unique in some respects.

Fire attack in a training tunnel with two burning lorries
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From the major fire in the Gotthard Road Tunnel in 2001 to deployment confidence in tunnel fires

After the major fires in road tunnels in 1999, the prevailing opinion was that fire services could do little about tunnel fires. Today, most fire services consider themselves well equipped for this task. Urs Kummer, CEO of the International Fire Academy, and Christian Brauner, head of the Didactics and Development Team, trace the development since 2001.


Tactics Centre: Space for collective learning processes

The Tactics Centre of the International Fire Academy is used for the education and training of incident commanders. With the specially developed projection technology, all conceivable scenarios can be represented and played through by the course participants. A central topic of practice is always communication via radio.