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Underground car park intensive course: Understanding tactical principles and applying them in operational training drills

Even though underground car parks are underground transport systems, the operating conditions differ significantly from those of a fire in a tunnel. Therefore, full-time instructors, together with the Didactics and Development Team of the International Fire Academy, developed tactical principles and guidance on practical procedures for operations in underground car parks. They are taught in the underground car park intensive course.

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Towards rules of engagement for firefighting operations concerning hydrogen

More and more hydrogen-powered vehicles are on the roads and thus also in tunnels and underground car parks. That is why the International Fire Academy is involved in the «HyResponder» project. With fire services and fire service schools from several European countries, a special training course is to be developed for vehicles and systems with fuel cell technology. At the halfway point of the three-year project, we provide an interim report in the following.

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Didactic Concept: Teaching and Learning with Method

In 2002 we developed our first didactic concept. The focus was on how the tunnel training facilities must be designed to provide both realistic and sufficiently safe training conditions. The now updated didactic concept of the International Fire Academy focuses on the learning model and teaching methods that underlie our training operations: We offer worlds of learning and experience - the course participants themselves do the learning.

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A big show in the Firehouse Q

During the training, the «images» from the basic training must be combined into a «show» so that the firefighters leave the course with as realistic of an impression as possible and implement the findings in their deployments. It is from this idea that the Firehouse Q was created – a variable stage for small and large scenarios from a possible operation.

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The RBIFS uses the infrastructure in Balsthal

Preparing for the most varied of scenarios as realistically as possible is a central concern of the Regio Basel Industrial Fire Service (RBIFS). «We are therefore looking for places like the Intercantonal Fire Service Training Centre in Balsthal,» explains Oliver Hofer, Fire Chief of the RBIFS Schweizerhalle. There, the RBIFS books the training infrastructure to conduct its own courses.

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A SCBA module for advanced

The scheduling and shorter journey for the participants were the reason for Markus Hostettler 2019 to move the respiratory protection module 3 (operation) of the Swiss Fire Service Association (SFSA) from Andelfingen to Balsthal. Not an easy task for the course manager, because differences between the training facilities influence the course of the training.